Over 300 miles of kayaking and cycling

Help us raise £10,000 for charity

Our Sponsors

A few words from us about our sponsors..

We would just like to say a massive thank you to all our corporate sponsors above who have been so generous, enabling us to actually undertake this enormous challenge for the charities we are supporting.

Whilst personally funding many elements of this challenge ourselves, we simply would not have been able to obtain all the equipment and supplies needed for this 300+ mile man-powered challenge without their support.

You can read more about all our sponsors HERE and please do support their businesses if you can.


The Challenge Team


Our Mission

Raise Money
Our first and most important element to all this is to reach our £10,000 target for our nominated charities. We can't do this without your help.
Raise Awareness
Men's Metal Health is a huge issue, more so in the current pandemic and movement restricted climate we currently all find ourselves in.
Personal Goals
As you will have read in our bios, there are personal goals for each of us undertaking this challenge. All different but all important to each of us.

By the numbers...

Counties passed through
Miles being kayaked along the Thames
Miles being biked from London to Lincolnshire
Total man powered miles
Our target in £'s