News update...

Last call for donations

The whole Long Way Back team would like to thank everyone for their continued support, not only in the lead up to, and during the actual challenges, but it seems even after we passed the finish line too. Donations are still coming in which is just amazing.

However we do have to close off the challenge now so that we can properly tally up all the donations made and get to a final total. We can then start to distribute this money to where it is needed most.

Please note that to cut off for any final donations will be 5pm Tuesday 31st August.

If you still wish to make a donation please do so now by visiting or email us at to make a bank transfer or cash donation. All donations are recorded.

After this date the JustGiving page will cease to accept donations.

We will tally up all the donations made online, in person, and via the market place raffles and publish the total on our website and facebook page shortly after.

Thank you all again so much for your amazing support.