Paul Spinks

My name is Paul, I’m a 42-year-old father of 2 little amazing full of life little boys and husband to my very understanding wife Amy.

Growing older I have seen at first hand the challenges many of us face daily with mental health, this has only been magnified throughout 2020 and into 21, as we all try to juggle home, work life and of course for many of us home schooling!

I decided to do this epic challenge, as not only is it a great way to raise money for 3 great charities, Men’s metal health, Great Ormand Street Hospital and Heart Link Glenfield Hospital, but on a personal I have always been active, however due to general life over the last few years my fitness levels have dropped significantly, so time to get back out there. 

I am hoping that this challenge will not only help me, but will raise as much as possible for these great and worthwhile charities.

As we go through the training the size of the challenge is starting to dawn on me, 160 miles (I’ve never kayaked before!) on the water followed 150 miles on a bike home from London to Lincolnshire.

There will be regular updates a long the way, that we hope will put a smile of a few peoples faces as we go through the trauma of early morning cold training, I’m sure also getting wet many times!!